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Trolling Snubber


No. 370 Trolling Snubber w/ Sampo™ Ball Bearing Swivel


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Attach between your downrigger cable and weight.
The Scotty Trolling Snubber absorbs shock, provides electrical insulation, helps prevent snagging and is easy to grip.

(Trolling Snubber shown with No. 1018 7lb. Round Lead Weight.
No. 1018 not included.)


No. 371 Trolling Snubber w/o Sampo™ Swivel



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Trolling Snubber with Sampo trolling snap only. Simply connect your downrigger terminal end directly to the snubber top loop.



No. 373 Diver Snubber 2 Pack




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This mini diver snubber is excellent for fishing with all types of divers. It is manufactured from tough U.V. resistant polyurethane. Extremely effective at preventing lines from twisting as it has a ball-bearing swivel at one end and a barrel swivel at the other.



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