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Fishing Gear & Equipment



NEW Products

Check out our latest and greatest products! We are constantly releasing new innovative products to help you fight the fish, and not the fishing gear! Scotty is always ahead of the curve.
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Downriggers, Mounts and Accessories

Our downriggers feature unsurpassed quality and innovation backed by a lifetime warranty.
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Line Puller
Our Line Puller pulls 1 crab trap or up to 4 prawn traps with ease, and is backed by a two year warranty.
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Fishing Rod Holders and Mounts
Scotty is recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rod holders, with a variety of styles and mounts to choose from.
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Line Releases
The line release is the critical link between the downrigger and the fishing rod.
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Fishing Supplies
Scotty has a variety of accessories for fishing prep, and to help you catch that big one.
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Salmonid Incubator

A scientifically designed and tested plastic incubation unit that can drastically improve spawning rates.
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