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Stand Up Paddle Board Mounts


No. 138 Scotty / FCS Stand Up Paddle Fin Box Adaptor



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The Scotty/FCS SUP Fin Box Adaptor is truly a revolutionary way to mount a rod holder, camera mount, cup holder or any other Scotty post mount product ontop of your SUP.

Simply install two FCS Fusion Fin Boxes on top of your SUP (available in various cant angles) and then drop your favorite Scotty products right into them using our new adaptor.

Easily the strongest and most stable gear mounting system available for any SUP ever manufactured.

  • Rod Holder shown sold serperately.


No. 137 Scotty Stand Up Paddle Mounting Sleeve


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Here is the answer for those die-hard SUP'ers that must have Scotty products mounted on their board. This socket is designed to be an unobtrusive glassed-in hard mount for all your Scotty post mount rod holders and accessories.


Available as an OEM product or a retail aftermarket product, this is a great solution for paddlers needing a permanent, secure, flush mounted attachment point. Once installed, this mount is absolutely flush with the top of the board.

  • Rod Holder shown sold serperately.

No. 342 Glue-on Paddle Clip

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Our super-strong paddle clip now comes with the option of a glue-on mounting pad. This versatile product is great for any inflatable watercraft, including kayaks and SUP’s where drilling holes is not an option. Using marine grade adhesive, mount the low profile 324 in a convenient location and simply snap in your paddle.




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